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Daily Telegraph Tuesday 1st April 2014 Business Section Page B4
How savers are making money as the 0.5% base rate drags on

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Independent Newspaper
Independent Newspaper Page 32 - 26th July 2011 Business - Franchise Feature

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Investors Chronicle
Investors Chronicle 13th June 2012

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The National

The National

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Making a Fortune by playing the System.

MILLIONAIRE Vince Stanzione made his fortune from spread betting on the stock-market, turning his talents for predicting trends into an effective trading system.

Independent Newspaper 12th April 2011 Business Section

vincestanzione Millionaire Trader Secrets
If you want to try your hand at making money from the financial markets there are no guarantees, but you can improve your chances of success by learning from a leading expert.

financialspreadbettingCity Magazine - Canary Wharf February 2009

Meet a self-made millionaire Josephine ODonoghue chats with Vince Stanzione about his self-made wealth trading on the stock market and the economy today

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vincestanzionetradingHi-tech messiah who wants to spread his betting secret

Vince Stanzione has made £2m from internet gambling on market price movements. Almost anyone could do the same, he tells Jill Insley
Sunday November 16, 2003

The Observer (click to read full article)

financialspreadbettingtipsDaily Express 16th August 2010

Millionaire Vince Stanzione made his fortune by spread betting on the stock market, turning an ability to predict trends into a highly successful trading system.

financialspreadbetting beginners IFA Online  26th February 2010

Advisers warned 'pile clients out of the pound .


makingmoneytradingEven up the odds What Investment Magazine May 2008

Trading veteran Vince Stanzione points out that a good trader does not necessarily need to make money every single time. 'You could get 80 per cent of your trades wrong and still make money. Let's say you lose £100 on eight trades and then make £500 on two trades, you are still in profit. However sure you are that the market will crash or XYZ is going to soar, make your first trade a small one, and then, if you are correct, add more to that trade.'

spreadbettingtipsWhat Investment Magazine October 2007

Backing your judgement Experienced trader Vince Stanzione says there are two main factors that limit the degree of spreads, including the fact that customers can arbitrage between spread betting firms. ‘Customers can go long one provider and short another provider if they have different prices.’ He adds that ‘Firms are also competing with each other and, therefore, they will not let their spreads widen too far.’

March 2010 Wall Street Pit

Vince Stanzione Jim Rogers Believes Greece Should Go Bankrupt.

indexspreadbettingDaily Mirror Spread over Heels

COMMODITY trader Vince Stanzione, 34, got fed up making money for his bosses. So now he makes cash for himself gambling on the markets.

Penman met him for a brace of Becks to delve into the secrets of financial spread betting. So far, Vince has had a great year. "I've made a lot of money buying the euro and done very well buying gold," he said.

onlinesharedealing The Times Business

A CITY punter was celebrating a £600,000 profit after betting just three weeks ago on a steep rise in the price of gold. The unnamed man, in his thirties, who works in the Finsbury Circus area of the Square Mile, placed a “buy” order with City Index, the spread betting firm, in mid-January, when the price stood at $350.

makingmoneyspreadbettingCity Magazine May 2009


spreadbettinggoldCanary Wharf Magazine August 2009

Show me the earnings by Vince Stanzione

bestspreadbettingcourseCity Magazine June 2009


Vincestanzione2012tipsThe Times

Ordinary Punters take a gamble on Financial Spread Betting

The Times Online 3rd August 2003

Betting Made Us 1 million

The Telegraph

Return of the Day Trader – Introduction to Spread Betting

Daily Mail

Cash and Curry fortune of spread bet punter

The Sun Money January 2001

£200,000 win for Brit punter

investmentsLater Magazine

Investments from the Edge

sharesShares Magazine 2009

Vince Stanzione Fixed Odds Financial Betting

informationInformation Age April 2009

Vince Stanzione believes that twenty years from now the US and European economies will no longer be the world leaders. When I started as a trading junior back in 1985, one of the first sayings I learnt from my boss was, ‘when America sneezes, the world catches a cold’ and that has remained true to date. We have all witnessed how quickly a financial cold that started in the US has spread around the world.

trading stategiesAlternative trading strategies

Vince Stanzione, an active trader in these instruments who runs the website, explains, ‘Covered warrants are issued and backed by the issuer, which is normally a major financial institution, the main ones being SG Warrants and RBS Markets.